2008 MacPro extra monitor or Imac as monitor?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Akula971, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I run a small business off an Early 2008 MacPro (8 core). I mainly do PCB CAD work, and find that it would be useful to have a second monitor. I'm considering a Dell 24" or 27" model. I run a 4870 which has a DVI and a display port. I'm also considering another computer as a back up, as I had a video card failure in the MacPro that left me unable to work for a week until a new card arrived. My question is this: do I buy another old Mac Pro as a back up machine and get the extra monitor too or just buy a 21" or 27" new Imac and use it as the primary system with an extra monitor, leaving the 2008 MacPro as the reserve machine. The software I run is via parallels and will run on a low spec PC. But I do not want a windows machine. What do you think?
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    I say buy another Mac Pro. Why have one when you can have two:D No, in all sincerity going from a Mac Pro to an iMac will make you feel as though you downgraded. Buy another and you'll have twin beasts in your house... now that's something you can boast about;):apple:;)
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    I wouldn't downgrade to iMac unless your software is single-threaded. When you say PCB you mean printed circuit board? What softwares are you using for it?

    Personally I would stick with a MacPro and an extra monitor. Buy another backup unit and a 30" screen (unless small pixels aren't your thing)
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    Wait, who doesn't like small pixels? :rolleyes: Oh, I forgot that some people actually use their computers professionally nowadays :p

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