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2010 iMac Catalina patch, slow SSD speed


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Aug 3, 2010
I wanted to keep some of my older Macs in my collection usable, so I upgraded both my 2009 MacBook Pro as well as well as my 2010 MacMini with a Crucial MX500 SSD. I installed high Sierra, verified everything was working, and then installed Catalina on both machines with the same bootable installer.

This is where the MacMini started to run into problems. Under High Sierra, Write/Read speeds were around 200/250MBs for both machines.
After the Catalina patch, the MacBook is performing the same (Trim enabled) but the MacMini is stuck at 100/150MBs respectively. I have enabled trim, that did not make a difference. If anything I get the impression that logging in from boot now takes a bit longer.

I have no idea even where to begin figuring this out.

Side note, the Mac mini will not recognize either the keyboard or the mouse in High Sierra recovery mode, but they connected fine with the Catalina recovery from the installer boot. Anyone else have this issue?
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