2011 15” MBP SSD Upgrade (also cleaning and heat!)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by D.T., Oct 3, 2014.

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    A slightly shorter [but not really] version than my upgrade novella here:


    I’ve got a 2011 15” MBP, HR/AG, 2.3GHz i7 with the 6750 GPU, originally BTO’ed with 8GB RAM and a 500GB 7.2K HDD. I upgraded the RAM to 16GB a couple of years back - this has bee a real workhorse, great machine that has had a ton of use both personally and professionally (it routinely does 35-40 days of uptime :cool: )

    Anyway, I've been seeing a touch of slowdown - possibly some HDD issues - but I wanted to go SSD soon anyway, so I didn’t need much an excuse, especially with my SSD-envy over my wife’s update :D

    So I saw a killer deal on the MX100 in 512GB and went for it ($188 to my door from NewEgg).

    I seriously considered the M550, particularly, in the larger 1TB size, but I’m in the process of deploying a good amount of additional local storage - also for my machine, I also didn’t see enough of a performance or feature advantage to going with the M550 over the MX100 for the same capacity (in fact, some tests show the MX100 being _faster_).

    So same drill as my link: opened the machine, mounted the SSD, mounted the HDD on an external interface, used Disk Util to prep and clone over the existing drive (~8 hours, let it run overnight). Next morning ... smokin!

    I used Trim Enabler (again), works beautifully. 15-20 seconds from Apple logo to login - 8-10 seconds from login to ready to use desktop.

    Bonus rambling:

    My machine has been running on the hot side. It’s a known issue with this model, but my fans have been blowing crazy (I also use smcFanControl). When opened my machine, I pulled out my fans and cleaned them really good, and the outlet vents/filters/diffusers, plus any dust anywhere else inside. I don’t know how much of this is the cleaning vs. the SSD (and/or if this SSD creates a net lower machine temp). I’m running right now at 40º C, a few bumps to 42º-ish, it’s my lightweight operating mode, email, browser, messages a few system services, and currently iTunes serving up movies to AppleTV.

    I’ll be curious to see it loaded up with dev tools/services, running some VMs, etc. but it’s _much_ cooler.

    One other thing, I love not having any mechanical spinning disk that can get knocked around, and constantly parking/clucking when the machine is moved :)
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    15-20 seconds? My 2009 MBP (with original HD with Yosemite) boots up that fast. My 2013 rMBP boots up in ~5 seconds, even before it gets to show the spinner! Something is wrong with your SSD!

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