2011 imac 21.5 W/SSD+1TB HD does not wake from sleep with external monitor.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iamthedudeman, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I have a 21.5 W/SSD and 1TB HD.

    I have tried several external monitors. A ACD, HP, and a EIZO currently.


    I have to reset the pram each time to wake it from sleep. No such problems with my 2010 model. I went to the Apple store with the EIZO and the 21.5 and had them test it there. They tried the monitor on four different 2011 imacs. Would not wake it from sleep.

    If you put it to sleep manually, it will wake up. If it goes to sleep on it's own, forget it.

    This is a widespread issue according to Apple tech support. I talk to Apple engineers and they are aware of the issue.

    I have several models at my Office I could swap with in the mean time but my work imac from home still needs replaced. They offered a Refurb i7 2.93 with SSD only for 1799.

    Should I take it? I cannot wait until another week for my 2011 27 imac I have coming with SSD and 1TB HD because the problem could be there also.

    I would have to add a external HD for movies and photos via firewire, but that will add to the cost. The 2011 21.5 with the i7 2.8 and SSD and 1TB HD costs 2200.

    If I am not mistaken the SSD in the 2010 model is the same as in my 2011 model. My i7 is quicker by a little bit and I would be giving up HD facetime and two thunderbolt ports. Will be getting a better GPU and bigger screen in the process.

    The reason I ordered the 21.5 is because I have already a better screen than what is in the imac 27 with the EIZO and I didn't want to wait four to six weeks.

    Anyone with the same problem?
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    Thanks hellhammer for the reply.

    Yes still nothing. They tried remotely and had me download a program in which they had me run a "recording" program that recorded all functions of the iMac as they were happening to record the problem. Apparently they know what the problem is, a firmware issue that effects the right amount of 'voltage' going to the thunderbolt port. The program created a log file that I then sent to Apple engineers.

    They are working on a fix and are going to try a few workarounds when they call me later. But in the mean time my work is being effected, I can go to the office but I just go in for meetings and contracts, I do most of my work from home and need my Eizo.

    There are Eizos at work but they are being used by my other employees.

    Could this issue have something to do with the delay with the SSD iMacs? :confused:

    Should I take their offer for the 27 i7 2.93 with SSD refurb for 1700? I would be giving up two thunderbolt ports and a face time HD camera but I really would not use either and I would be gaining a 27 screen. I would not need the thunderbolt ports if I already have a SSD built in? External would help for pics and movies but not a deal breaker.

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