2014 iMac 5k with image retention


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Feb 9, 2006
I've got a late 2014 27" iMac 5k and for a while now I've noticed it's had some issues with image retention. I've done some searching and found this is actually a somewhat common issue. But it's gotten a lot worse for me recently, especially with Mojave and dark mode, though High Sierra dark mode showed it too since it's mostly the menu bar that shows it. It seems like some people have been able to get Apple to replace the screen with varying results. I'm wondering if it's worth getting in touch with Apple about this since it's no longer under Apple Care. Am I out of luck? What about paying for the repair? What's been your experience outside of Apple Care fixing this issue? It goes away after using a screen saver, but it's definitely started showing up a lot faster, like less than 5 minutes. It's kinda annoying to only be able to use the light mode since I really like the dark mode.



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Nov 6, 2011
Houston, TX
It really depends. It’s worth a shot to talk to them and see what they say. They might offer you a depot repair


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Mar 19, 2009
Call Apple and see what they can do. If you live in the EU, read up on your consumer rights as you may be able to make a consumer law claim to force Apple to cover the full cost of the repair or replacement.
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