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2015 15" Constant Kernel Panics


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Sep 27, 2020
Planet Earth
[Specs: 2.2 i7, 16GB, Iris Pro HD5200 1GB, 250GB - 11,4 model]

So I've been having weird kernel panics and graphics glitches on my 2015 15" for around 8 months to a year now.

The kernel panics happen:
1. When I'm doing GPU intensive work. (After Effects, Motion, Premiere Pro, CINEMA 4D)
2. Randomly at idle when I was on Catalina, have downgraded to Mojave and the random panics have stopped.

I've reinstalled a fresh copy of 10.12 to 10.15 more times than I can count. (Erase the drive through Recovery Mode and Reinstall Sierra (the original OS that came with it) through Internet Recovery.

The GPU glitches happen:
1. When I'm doing GPU intensive work. (Right before the kernel panic)
2. When I unplug/replug an external monitor.
3. When I plug in a 4K display.
4. When opening the computer after leaving it sleeping for over 8 hours.

I've documented every kernel panic and some GPU issues. (I don't know when they are going to happen, and by the time I get my camera, the system would have already kernel panicked)

Thanks for any help!
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