2016 - a difficult year for many, please share personal or news stories that 'touched' you last year

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by deany, Jan 1, 2017.

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    North Wales
    Stranger pays for meal for Ryan King


    Heart warming story of a 'lost' priceless possession being found


    Swedish sisters invite homeless man in Edinburgh to spend Christmas in Sweden with their family


    A man that gave a stranger part of his liver to save her life


    James Dunn from Liverpool has a passion for photography and that passion continues

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    Thanks for starting this thread, it's a nice way to wrap the old year and start a new one!

    Here are a couple from my stash of bright spots in the universe lately:

    A Texas kid who's 13 years old now saw a homeless man begging for food in 2010, and started a charity that since then has provided meals for hundreds of thousands of people and also involved them in other service projects aimed at having fun while helping others.

    Done something stupid like cruise a stop sign on a slow Tuesday afternoon? Maybe you got lucky and scored a gift card instead of a warning from a deputy on patrol for the Delware County (NY) sheriff's department. I guess this might not scale up to major metro areas but sounds great for improving small town relationships between community and cops:

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    It was a strange year for me. I was made redundant in February from a job I loved and it was straight out of the blue. I found another job within a week so the overlap was minimal. About 2 months later they asked me to return and my old boss admitted he'd made an error as my skills were needed for a big contract coming in. The trust has gone sadly so I rejected the offer. I now work for amother company again and love it. So 3 jobs in 1 year has amounted to quite a bit of stress.

    I bought a new house in July too and the process had started the previous December. Being made redundant nearly messed it all up but thankfully it worked out.

    Then in October I welcomed my second daughter into the world! A bloody busy and mixed year that ended very nicely for me and my family. :)
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    Jan 18, 2005
    Fighting to stay in the EU
    Politically I'm a floating voter, voting for what I think of best for myself and family for the current climate. This year I spent a lot of time going into the nearby city during my weekends and just milling about. I got talking to people on park benches, having homeless people sit next to me in a coffee shop telling me their life story, helping charity workers... it was really interesting and it changed my world view. I realised that my family, my friends, myself could all weather any of the ups and downs any would-be ruling party promised. I didn't need to vote for myself any more.

    So I started voting for the people who need help. What's the point in quibbling over how much interest I get in my savings when there are people out there ruined because of pressure under certain governments.

    And that's all there is to it. It was a very interesting year. I also discovered Kinder Eggs aren't sold in America because of health and safety, though in 2014 a child was allowed to fire an uzi and killed her "instructor".

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