2016 MacBook Pro in SPACE GRAY

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Will there be a 2016 MacBook Pro in SPACE GREY?

  1. Yes, it is very likely that there be an available Space Gray option.

  2. Likely, considering the new redesign and proliferation of colour options.

  3. Unlikely, it will remain only Silver this year.

  4. No, colour options will be confined to the 12" MacBook line.

  1. Hadwyn macrumors newbie


    Mar 5, 2016
    United Kingdom
    After obsessively buying only Space Gray Apple products, I've been waiting for a Space Gray MacBook Pro. I bought a 2015 12" Retina MacBook to tide me over until the release of the 2016 Macbook Pro.

    Examples of Apple colour options left in the past:
    • New 5K and 4K Retina iMac - No colour options, but what was worse was the outdated colour choices for the basic silver. It maintained a combination of colours that is inconsistent with newer Apple products. For example, the iMac is maintaining it's glossy black Apple logo while everything else has moved to a shiny silver material for silver items like the iMac. This means that compared with the iPhone, iPad (2013 or newer) or MacBook, it is starkly out of place. The iMac's design matches the first four iPads from 2010, 2011 and 2012 - it is 2016.
    • Magic Mouse 2 - Still no other colour options despite use with the Mac Pro and MacBooks, both of which would suit a black and grey - not a white and silver. Even the unibody MacBook Pro's black keyboard looks wrong beside a large glossy white mouse.
    • Cables, Earbuds & Adapters - White, white, white and more white. The Mac Pro uses black cables to seamlessly match the design, but for anything else one must use starkly out of place white accessories. The two gold colours agree with white, but Space Gray would very clearly suit a black cable.
    • Apple Pencil - As a Space Gray iPad Pro owner, this one particularly annoyed me. The Apple Pencil is clearly designed for the Gold and Silver colours, while the Space Gray is entirely neglected. The Apple Pencil looks so out of place beside the Space Gray iPad Pro, and it is infuriating that Apple has overlooked something so simple.
    • Apple Watch Accessories - The charging puck and the nightstand charging dock, all in white and silver.
    • Apple TV - Black plastic doesn't match anything, and the remote is, yep, you guessed it - silver, but strangely only silver and black, which means it matches the MacBook Pro and MacBook.
    For a company so renowned for obsessive design, this seems like Apple has really overlooked something as simple as coherency of design between products regarding something as basic as colour. I beg Apple to stop introducing new colours until they can sort of whatever the hell is going on with Space Gray first, and I haven't even had the rant about the inconsistency of the shades of grey used (The Apple Watch is a completely different contrasting shade to everything else).

    Apple knows that the white and silver that they've been using for a decade is looking dated, so that's why they've begun introducing new colours, but for the love of God why would they pollute their product ranges ever more with item after item only available in silver and white. It's become an irritating disease of all Apple lines.

    With a major redesign and significant spec boost expected for the 2016 MacBook Pro, are colour options out of the question?

    Do you think that it's likely for there to be colour options for the 2016 MacBook Pro, or will it just be kept for the MacBooks? Perhaps not Rose Gold, but at least a Space Gray for 2016.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    No one knows anybody saying anything else is guessing....

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