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Oct 13, 2020
Hi everyone,

Long story short, my 2018 Intel Mac Mini 4K 27" monitor has finally died. First it had a weird discoloration around the edges, then started flickering black for months, and now won't power on.

I was just going to buy a monitor, but I am thinking if I sell the Mac Mini, that plus the money I would spend on a new 4K monitor would probably be about the same as getting a new M1 iMac.

My Intel Mac Mini 2018 is an i7 CPU, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD. I installed the 64GB RAM myself using an ifixit guide back when that cost like $200 for the RAM in 2018.

All I do is browse the web, use iMessage, use Photos, and use MS Office. But I often have a ridiculous number of Safari tabs open (like 50+) and have Firefox running too.

I am wondering if it makes sense to get the new M1 iMac 16GB RAM 1TB SSD and sell my Mini?

What I really hate about this idea, though, is the idea that a 64GB RAM Mac could be YEARS until I ever get that again.... I mean, I know I don't use the RAM, but it's cool knowing that I have it and it is an option. Once I go M1, I know user upgradeable RAM will never happen again....

But, anyway, just wondering if anyone sees any reason why this would be a bad idea and I should just get a new monitor?



Apr 11, 2018
I know some will disagree but I can't be bothered with the AIO approach, seems super wasteful when you consider that a monitor can be a 10 year purchase while most computers have a 5 year useful life. While I realize that some will get a longer life out of an AIO or iMac I would suggest you stick with a mini and get a new monitor, with any luck your new monitor will last through 2 or 3 mini's.


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Jul 18, 2011
If it's just a monitor, id keep that mac mini and upgrade to the M series when it's beefier. Based on your needs, your current machine should handle it with ease.

Alternatively, if you still have the itch, buy it and see how it handles your workflow and make a decision then


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Feb 20, 2009
I wouldn't sell the Mini.
You have one that is pushing on "the top end".

Just get another display (even 4k displays are cheaper now), and be done with it.


Oct 22, 2013
The m1 iMac is really something beautiful and terrific to use. But I tend to agree with others here that your configuration mini is worthy of retaining.

But a mid range m1 iMac would definitely fit your needs just fine. And you won’t beat the display with any separate monitor.
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Aug 31, 2003
Silicon Valley
I'm not making a judgement on whether the Mini or iMac is better, but it doesn't sound like your use case is ever going to need 64GB of RAM. The M1's are very capable with just 8GB of RAM. Actually, the Intel Macs are quite good with just 8GB of RAM too.

If you're ever going to do something that's going to push your mini to use all 64GB of its RAM, it'll be years down the line and you're going to be better served then by buying a newer machine anyway.

I won't ever complain about having too much RAM. There's that joke that you can never be too rich, be too good looking, or have too much RAM. That said, basing your decision on never having all this RAM that you're not going to be using anyway isn't sound.


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Apr 28, 2003
You can get better displays, albeit not in the exact resolution and size the iMac offers. You choose depending on workload and budget. But be aware: Any damage to the internals means the display has to be discarded, or the other way around. It´s so wasteful and one should not support Apples false ecological footprint here. As long as the iMac is not modularized for 3rd party repairs, stay away.

The iMacs were worth it when you could use the internal display as a standalone monitor, too. But even this was dependend on working logicboards. This is gone now for years and doesn´t come back. It´s a shame, really.

I would recommend getting a new monitor. and later on, as already mentionned, a mac mini m1. It´s the best and savest approach in terms of workloads and ressources.

Remember: Saving the planet means saving resources by any means, not saving money and style.
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