2018 TB 13" 8go or 2017 NTB 13" 16go ?


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Sep 24, 2018
Hello everyone,

I bought a 13" Mac book pro 2018 8go last week. Today I'm hesitating to refurb it for a 2017 one without Touch Bar and 16go.

I have 2000 euros to spend for this computer. two possibilities :

- I keep the 8go 2018 13" TB one.
- I take a 16go 2017 13" NTB one.

I use my computer for school and work, writing, internet, videos, little games like The binding of Isaac.

What's the best choice for you ? I would keep this macbook a long time, that's why I hesitate with a 16go one.

Thank you ear advance.



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Sep 27, 2007
North Carolina
To echo the others here, keep the 2018. The storage on these MacBook Pros are so fast (3GB/s!) anymore that when/if you need to use virtual memory, the slow down isn't as significant as in the olden days.
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