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2019 MBP 15 black screen problem


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Sep 28, 2020
Hi all!! First post here.

I have a 2019 MBP 15" (2.3GHz and Vega 20) - bought it in June last year without apple care, so it's about 3 months out of warranty now. I installed public beta of Big Sur about 3-4 weeks ago (because I have two desktop PCs for my main work and use) and updated whenever new updates came out. It was working fine in every aspect until yesterday. I was in the middle of a video call when the screen turned black. Everything else was working fine - sound, keyboard, touchbar and even the facetime camera was still on (green light) and my video feed was going thru. From the touchbar, I tried to increase screen brightness and the LCD backlight gets visibly brighter, just that the screen remained black. I have tried to restart it, reset various parameters such as NVRAM, SMC reset, boot into safe mode, tried to get into diagnostic mode, press key combinations to try and reinstall macOS. All the possible reviving maneuvers but without avail. The screen just remained black. I can tell the rest of the systems of the laptop functions properly. The touchbar shows 'esc' key sometimes, capslock key responds, charging sound comes up when I plug in the charger. I tried connecting to an external monitor thru HDMI, and that too displays a black screen.

I called Apple Service and the person has tried to troubleshoot (basically all the same steps I have done) and he says I must bring it to the Apple Store to repair it. I brought it to the Apple Store and the Apple Genius tried to connect some device to run diagnostics but I guess nothing showed up. Since it's about 3 months outside warranty, they will charge me SGD128 for further diagnosing it, and an additional SGDS900-1000 if they have to replace the logic board. I paid about SGD4500 for this laptop and failing about 1 year into use without any of my fault seems a bit unreasonable. I have never dropped, bumped or spilled anything on it. I take care of my devices well - my 2012 MBP is still functioning today.

I'm wondering if anyone else on this forum has similar issues as I do. And if there's any fix for it. If I have to pay SGD1000 to fix it, I am thinking of opening up the bottom case and try to disconnect and reconnect the battery to see if it changes anything.

Hope to hear your responses! Thanks in advance!
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