"21 Reasons Why You Should Want The NWO"

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by thermodynamic, Jul 29, 2016.

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    May 3, 2009

    Answering each one:

    1. Who would want to do that, and why?

    2. Seems a bit hyped up

    3. So they're saying Ford was as communist as the UN? I'm sure they're missing the point...

    4. Hey, the company has to profit - why should anyone be complaining? Or don't you eat healthy or are healthy foods too expensive (50% since 2000, supposedly)

    5. Redux of #1, with outlandish hyperbole added (but it's nice to see a rant that is as anti-privatization as previous points are for it?)

    6. Ask the people regarding which president, never mind there are plenty of legitimate reasons and times

    7. So much cuckoo rolled into one

    8. Gotta pay for all the corporate welfare to big corporations somehow, is the maker of that list unsure if he's a closet commie or something?

    9. Maybe he was drunk on vodka at the time he wrote #9

    10. We do it for our pets and we love our pets

    11. Many people who claim to practice it honestly don't, so why not be truthful after finding a new person to emulate that shares the same values?

    12. Tinfoil hat

    13. Meaning?

    14. We already have them, people just need it explained to them

    15. Do we trust the author of that 21 point list?

    16. I thought that's what the Target brands renamed for the Dayton's brands were for?

    17. How are the guards with prods selected? Same process?

    18. Try some chemistry experiments. It doesn't stay in the body forever (hence needing an annual update), and small amounts are negligible for humans but quite lethal for the virus being dealt with. Yes, some people will be more sensitive. That's not uncommon in that other science, biology.

    19. Tinfoil hat, people want things fast. Inconvenience reduces profit.

    20. Saying opinion or how it is said? I've gone too far at times and since then apologize and/or point out parallel attitudes given a free pass, others go far farther too far, to a point I couldn't even begin to contemplate due to how sickening...

    21. Sure
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    Dec 17, 2015
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    22. Another level of governance, over the top of your government, further removing the people from the power of decision making about the laws that govern their own lives.
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    So the Illuminati/Free Masons gets a new front man: same service, new look.:oops:

    I guess I was the only one who was expecting 'rasslin' news.:p

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