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    Jan 8, 2003
    I have a 22" Cinema Display that has been boxed up for over a year. I purchased the display when I purchased my PowerMac in November of 2002. I sold my PowerMac and bought a 12" Powerbook in March of 2003. The display was used for 5 months and it was used very lightly thanks to the lack of high speed internet at my apartment complex at the time. The monitor has been in the box it was shipped in (which is the apple monitor box designed specifically for the monitor, not just some cardboard box)for a year and a half now. I brought it to CompUSA to make sure it still worked about a month ago and it worked perfectly the Apple rep and I could find no problems with it. Anyway, my powerbook couldn't hook up to the monitor and my powerbook was stolen almost two months ago. With the insurance money I was going to purchase another powerbook but I think I am going to go for the cheaper Ibook.

    Ok, the monitor is for sale. I don't know how much I want for it I just know that it has hardly been used at all and it's in great condition. Let me hear what your offers are and I would be happy to consider most offers (within reason).

    Oh yeah.....NO DEAD PIXELS.

    I know it says I am a newbie but I have actually been a member of this site for quite some time. I don't use Ebay because I don't trust it.

    Anyway. Send me your offers and good luck!!

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