3 months, 3 Unibody Macbook Pros and having my finger crossed on the 4th one.

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    Mar 17, 2009

    I have posted this in apple discussion forum yesterday night. with in 15 mins this had nearly 40 views and 2 reply. To my astonishment, today morning i found that Apple had removed my post from their discussion form. i dont know why.

    here i am posting that again

    This is the story of my experience with 3 brand new unibody aluminum macbook pros. Actually all of these were defective and was promptly replaced by Apple. Currently I am having the 4th one, a brand new 17 inch unibody Macbook Pro. Read on for the whole experience. Btw, sorry for my lengthy post

    I am a hardcore Microsoft Windows developer for the last 11 years. During these years, I had used several laptops from ACER, IBM, DELL etc..Running several of versions of Windows operating systems. Those days I never bothered to think about Apple and its famous laptops as well as its state of the Art OS. However that changed recently when a friend of mine introduced me to Apple Macbook, which he was having for the last 2 years. He says it is been running quite rock solid. I had a chance to go to an Apple store in Austin, Texas along with this friend. Frankly, I was quite amused by the display of various Apple laptops in the store. I took ample time playing with them, and I found out what I was missing all these days. That day, I started my love towards Apple laptops and its Mac OS X. I frequently visited the apple store over weekends to get familiarize more with the laptops as well as the Mac os X

    During that time, apple announced the unibody wonder, the 15 inch Macbook Pro. I read most of the reviews about the new laptop which started appearing in the internet. The more I read, the more I wanted to buy one. Finally I have decided to buy my first unibody 15 inch Macbook Pro during the Christmas holidays. I have ordered one and it arrived just 2 days before Christmas.

    When I opened my first Macbook Pro, I was amazed by its sheer beauty. I salute apple for coming up with such a good notebook. After a month of using it, one good day, actually on a Sunday morning I noticed few black dead pixels in the screen. I called up Apple support immediately and they directed me to the nearest apple store, which I used to visit, for detailed analysis. They were kind enough to book an appointment for me on the same day and I took my macbook pro the store. When my turn came up, the genius at store was very polite and kind enough to ask the problem and I show him the dead pixels.

    He told me that, he will replace that with a new laptop. I was very very happy about this support from Apple which protected my investment by replacing the defective one with a brand new one. That day I left the store with a new macbook pro 15inch.

    This second laptop, after 3 weeks of use, developed a small bright spot in the screen. Alarmed, I took to the store again and the genius agreed to replace the LCD. He said, since he doesn’t have the LCD ready in stock, he will give me a call after it arrives. After 3 days I got the call from the same genius instructing me to bring the laptop for the LCD replacement. I went to apple store in that afternoon and gave my laptop for repair.

    The next day, I got a call from the technician in the apple store informing me about a logic board issue in my macbook pro. He said, Wireless is not working. He agreed to replace with a new laptop. So I went there, to collect a replacement laptop on the same day. While in the store I saw the new 17inch unibody laptop and was quite intrigued by its beauty. So I asked the genius whether I can get the 17inch instead of the 15inch considering the fact that, I will pay the difference amount. He checked with his manager and said that is possible. How ever, there were no stocks available for 17 inch macbook pro at that point and hence asked me to call back in few days. I was wondering if apple doesn’t have a policy to inform the customer proactively rather than asking them to call ?. I left that day collecting the visiting card of the genius whom I was talking with.

    So after 2 days, I called the person and I was told that, there is one 17 inch macbook pro available and he will keep it on hold for me. I purchased the 17 inch by paying the difference.

    Right from the day one of opening the 17 inch and using it for few mins I found some un-usual tick sound coming from the HDD. i searched the apple discussion forum for an answer and found that, I was not quite alone. I posted my issue in the following forum.


    After 4 days the frequency got increased and I decided to call the apple support, the person I spoke with tried to sell me the apple care extended warranty instead of hearing my issues. I politely informed her about the issue and they in turn directed me to the apple store. So I went there and informed the genius about the issue. This genius ran the drive genius 2 software and did file integrity check using the software. He then took my laptop inside the store and came back in 2 mins and told me that everything is fine and he didn’t see any problem. I was happy to hear that and I thanked him and took my laptop back.

    How ever on last Saturday, while I was reading a book using the acrobat reader, I heard a whistle like sound coming from the HDD. then all of a sudden the wait cursor appear and my computer froze. I had to power off my computer as it was non responsive. After 2 mins, I restarted my computer and was greeted by a continuous tick tick sound from the HDD and the screen appears to be in white color with out the apple logo. So I concluded that my HDD is gone and called the support to have an appointment with genius in the apple store.

    On the scheduled time of my appointment, I met with the old genius who told me that, every thing is fine 3 days back and show him the current issue. He acknowledged that, the HDD is a toast. Because the laptop was just 9 days old, they agreed for a replacement. As usual, they don’t have any new stock available and hence took my name and cell no for them to call me when they have new stock.

    Today I called the store and was told that they have some 17 inch available. I decided to go there and pick my replacement. In the store I had to speak to 3 people including a Asst store manager who finally gave me a new replacement laptop.

    The point I wanted to bring here is while I am in praise for the excellent apple support, but I was terribly disappointed by the quality of the unibody laptop I had so far. I just don’t want to dismiss my case as “one of an occasion”, rather would like apple seriously consider or re-think about the quality of their laptop.

    I don’t know how may others had the same problem, if not same issues like this. What is important is the agony I had when I was going through all these. Because to me this is my first apple purchase.

    Now I am having my finger crossed on this 4th laptop. I seriously hope that this will not give me any trouble. I told the same to the manger there in the store. I also feel little awkward going each time to the store complaining about the laptop. Even though it is none of my fault.

    Apple, I humbly request to have more quality control on these state of the art laptops.

    Subramoniam AB
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    Although my problems aren't as serious as yours, I'm sort of in the same situation with QA problems. First MBP I had, there was a dent. Second, something was wrong with both the 9400M and 9600M GT. Currently on my third one (still within the original 14 days) and contemplating whether I want to return this one because of a grinding (but still functional SuperDrive) and popping/cracking speakers (which is VERY annoying when watching a movie). I know s--- happens, but for $2400+ you would think QA would be just a bit better.
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    Sorry to hear your troubles. I'm sure its just a stroke of real bad luck and your 4th and probably the newest batch of the 17" unibody should be A-OK all the way.

    Good Luck.

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