£30 off next Apple Store purchase to early .Mac subscribers!


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
I just revieved an e-mail from apple that says because I signed up for .Mac early on I am now entitled to £30 off my next purcahse at the Apple Store! :D
Dear Customer,
As an early adopter of the .Mac services, we would like thank you for your support and your confidence in Apple products. Buying a new Mac or shopping for the latest peripheral is easy and hassle-free on the online Apple Store. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you £ 30* off your next purchase on the Apple Store. Do you already have a digital camera to use with iPhoto, or a DV camcorder to enjoy iMovie ease-of-use? Did you hear about the brand new release of Mac OS X v10.2, and its 150 major new features, including an enhanced iDisk connection?
Whatever you need, we’ll soon get you off to a flying start!
The Apple Store team.
Thanks Apple! :)


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Aug 14, 2001
From my calculations, that makes .Mac pretty much free for people already holding accounts.

30 pounds = $45 right? Pretty good deal.
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