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Apr 2, 2019
So after having read a bunch of threads and web pages about Catalina, I decided to do as suggested and go into system report to see what 32bit apps I have and try and come to a conclusion about what to do about them.
Well, the problem is that when I do so, I see a bunch of stuff listed as 32bit apps, but very few of them even tell me what they are, nor whether or not I even need them! Yes I see that I need to upgrade my Microsoft suite (I have known this for years) but I'd say that pretty much everything else listed is useless information.
Why on earth does one of the absolutely richest corporations on the planet feel the need to abandon 32bit support? I am sure they really could have included it. But no..instead, in order to upgrade my operating system to something which hardly gives me any advantages at all, I must become a detective and figure out what apps I may need to replace and whether or not I can even do so. My only other alternative is to stick with the operating system I already have and eventually lose update and security support for it.
I have been using computers since the Commodore 32 and Times Sinclair. I am getting so tired of constant upgrades which barely if ever work right, really offer no better experience than the prior upgrade, and make thousands of dollars worth of older apps and peripherals totally obsolete. It's really getting old!
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T'hain Esh Kelch

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Aug 5, 2001
Are you bickering that your 9 year old Office installation is not updated to 64 bit support? Really?

And you don't have to be a detective to work it out which are and which are not. The operating system has been telling you actively with a popup every time you opened a 32 bit application that you need to update it, and that even since 10.13.4 which was released more than a year ago.

This really isn't anyones fault but your own.