3G iPhone iTunes v2.1 partially Quickpawned. Advise &/OR links to restore please

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by kalu123, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Sep 15, 2008
    ARGHH! I lost this message the first time around. Please do not let the second typing of this post go in vain. Here we go again slightly summarized (still long):

    iPhone state is as in title.


    - Did not restore with custom firmware. (ie read a poorly written guide rather than the excellent sticky at the top of this forum)

    -Used wifes macbook air on manual sync (which I never did) rather than using my Dell (which I can use if needed).

    -Still worked fine until I proceeded to install way too many non-iTune apps without reading properly in advance:

    Mods, themes, dockprefs, categories, cydia, Bossprefs, winterboard, installer, OpenSSH.... (note) received an error in task tab of cydia but not sure how to rectify it. I suspect a cross compatibility error with multiple phone/contact/quick dial type apps I have installed. One of them must not be playing nice.

    -Do not have a proper backup of current contacts, notes...

    -phone function locked in improperly working keypad state.

    -when I receive a call, I can accept but it goes automatically goes to main menu and will not leave even if I hit the 'return to call button at top'. Have to turn off phone to end call.

    -cannot access favorites or phone contacts (without using contacts button)

    Help Needed:

    -Need to backup up my contacts, notes... before I do whatever it is that I need to do.

    -need advise from a experienced 'jailbraker' and/or links to up to date guides (universal or v2.1 iTunes specific, aside from sticky at top) . I (and hopefully others) will use offered advise/links before 'Re-jailbreaking' my phone. I don't give up that easy :D

    -I would appreciate any good links on using the necessary non-tune apps (OpenSSH, installer, winterboard...) [Big Boss, Cydia, mod my ifone. com...???].

    -I am a iPhone hacking newbii but I am not that tech illiterate. I will try to understand if given tech level advise. Homer Simpson can sum up the way I feel right now. "DOH!" [picture, head smacking against forehead]

    -I can use a Macbook air or a Dell to do the the healing process.

    Hopefully this will turn into a good repository of helpful links for those that can use them properly. Providing I'm not going against forum rules (ie.links that go out of forum) Let's hope this becomes a future sticky! It may also get swallowed up by new posts without a single reply.

    If post becomes as hoped, please indicate if fix/advise/link is OS specific (OSX, PC, [Linux?]).

    For those who have read this long post and esp. for those who post a productive comment (ie, not a link to the search function [my ? has become specific [albeit I suspect, not unique])

    THANK YOU!!!
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