40mb scsi-3 card & 4.5 gb 7200 rpm drive

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  1. bond2 macrumors newbie

    Jan 11, 2002
    This is an Orange Micro Grappler scsi 940UW PCI card. Specs:

    This top of the line Grappler SCSI 940UW pipelines data at a blistering 40MB/sec for up to 15 SCSI daisy-chained peripherals. That's 8 times faster than Apple's original built-in SCSI port. Customers for this Ultra Wide SCSI-3 interface are expected to be users of high performance internal disk drives (7,200 or 10,000 RPM).

    PDF File with more info:


    I also have a Compaq 7200 rpm 4.5 gb hard drive that works nicely with the card.

    I will basically take best offer on this one. All parts are in mint condition.

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