4K QLED TV to be used as monitor on a Mac


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Jun 14, 2013
Hey guys,

does anyone have used a 4K QLED TV screen (or equivalent) on a Mac as a monitor?
The picture quality of these seems to be fantastic and the resolution at 4k anyways is.
So why not use one of these? There not too many 4k monitors of a interesting size (40"+) available.

Any opinions or experiences from your side?



Matthew Essex

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Apr 11, 2014
I occasionally plug my MacBook Pro into my 65 inch oled and use the Magic Trackpad/keyboard from my couch. No real issues to speak of.


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Nov 2, 2018
At 40” 4K has a ppi of 110, so it’ll look just like a pre-retina imac/macbook(pro)/etc, but much bigger.

Not terrible but nothing to write home about.


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Jan 8, 2012
As long as you get the right TV and know what you are doing for initial setup there is no problem.

A few reasons people prefer monitors...

Gaming can benefit from higher than 60hz refresh rates which many TV's have.

When you sit close to a large display, especially one that wasn't specifically designed for closer distances you'll magnify viewing angles and if the TV doesn't have good viewing angles you'll see the distortion in the colors.

With default TV settings there is a heavy amount of post processing applied and it can cause very obvious input lag which is particularly noticeable while typing.

4:4:4 / RGB support.

Overscan, losing a couple percent of TV/Movies off the edge of the screen isn't noticeable. However at 4k that moves the MacOS menu bar off screen.

Displayport support.

Luckily most TV's address that stuff. With Samsungs QLED you'll want to set a default aspect ratio. You'll need to turn HDMI UHD Color ON for the HDMI port your computer is connected to (4k60hz10bit). And you might want to experiment with "game mode" if you notice input lag, although with that TV you might not anyway. After that you should be golden.

Good luck.