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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Hayman1995, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Aug 18, 2010
    Being 17 I feel it's time to swap the iPod touch in for an iPhone. Using a separate PMP and cheap android smartphone is literally killing me, I can barely stand for gods sake. I have three options, firstly, my father is planning to swap his 4S for a company phone, offering it to me. It's 32gb and in relatively good condition, apart from a few bad scratches on the back, but it will cost me nothing. Secondly I could request an iPhone 5 for Christmas, I like the design and feel that this is the product that will have more longevity than the earlier screen sized iPhones, as they will be marginalised and phased out in a relatively short time, I may have to pay a chunk of this. Thirdly I could grow up and realise the true value of money. Bear in mind this product will be with me for at least 2 years, what would you advise?
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    That 4S has still got a good few years left on it.
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    If you don't have the money for the 5, get the 4S. It's still a great phone.

    That being said, I do tell people that these phones hold their value. Essentially, when your contract is up, the 5 will be worth around $100 more than the 4S is. So in the end, you don't spend any more money getting the latest, greatest phone. If you can't have the cash tied up in the short run then it's perfectly understandable, but in the long run you don't save anything by getting the cheaper model.
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    iPhone 4S is probably the best value for now. Every... single... iOS 6 new features will make it to iPhone 4S.
    This includes
    - Improved Siri
    - Turn by turn Navigation
    - Panorama pictures

    If you do not care about larger display or does not have LTE coverage where you live, the iPhone 4S is still an extremely competitive product even with iPhone 5.

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