50/50 Do I like my MacBook Air?


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Jan 4, 2010
Ok so, I am a real good few months into my MBA now...
See my previous threads regarding the first few weeks.

Im liking some of the things a lot, its generally faster, more reliable and more solid overall.
That is to say, I still get the odd occasional crash and for me, shutting down seems to rarely work without having to hold down the powerbutton. (It either freezes on a blank desktop or on a blue screen with a twirly thing constantly going round.)

My other biggest grumble is that despite it being quite a pretty interface (less flashy than Win7 but more sophisticated and subtle, the moment you try to do something even a LITTLE technical, it gets all gross: url==smb://Username:password@Workgroup/servername/sharepoint and throw in a load of $$$$$ too?!

I really am fighting going back to Windows because it has so many perks, but its those little things that I just can't get working that annoy me so much?!

I have an ongoing HELL with Windows Home Server and this Mac, over at We Got Served.
I am going to upgrade to a MacBook Pro 13" to see if I can blame a lot of the nags on the MBA...
I'll keep you guys posted as always!!



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Sep 19, 2008
Your crashes and shutdown woes are something I have NEVER experienced on any Mac, nor my MBA. Well, maybe an original MBA... but it was not like any other Mac I have ever owned.

What is your "odd" crash? About 95% of crashes I have seen are when using a browser plug-in. I can count the total of these on two hands over the last few years. At the same time, I haven't had a single crash in Windows 7.

I honestly don't know how you would call it "solid overall" with those results?

Seriously, you're doing something really wrong or your MBA has some real problems to be experiencing the things you have stated. The only thing I can think is you have either an original MBA or an MBA with an HDD that has problems. Otherwise, MBAs just don't have problems just as any other Mac doesn't have problems.

One thing is for sure, an MBP isn't going to change anything you have stated as being wrong with OS X. An MBP has more ports, more RAM, and a longer lasting battery. Other than those, it's not going to be any different than OS X on the MBA.


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Oct 13, 2009
I have been owning MBA's since it's inception in the market, both rev. A and now rev C, since August of last year. I think that I have experienced two crashes in those 2 years of MBA, counting both the original and v.C. Something is wrong with your laptop man.


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Nov 17, 2007
You don't really say much about your crashes, but generally when I've had problems on OSX (discounting bad software) it's been due to faulty hardware. Try a reinstall of the OS, and do a single pass erase on the HD first.

If it still won't shut down properly take it back and get a replacement.