501(c)4 war about to begin

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    The IRS is about to begin examining 501(c)4 organizations to determine whether their tax exempt status is merited. These are "Social Welfare" oriented non-profits or charities that are not supposed to be primarily engaged in political activities though some may be allowed.

    If the IRS finds such an organization in violation of the 501(c)4 charter, it may order publication of the list of donors or lose their tax-exempt status. Not surprisingly, some groups with deep pockets are rather upset about this, because we are not supposed to actually know where the money driving elections is coming from. Secret ballot and all that, I guess.


    (Curious aside: I just learned that the NFL is a tax-exempt 501(c)6 organization.)
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    I think I heard on Fresh Air that the current interpretation is > 51% "education" and < 49% attack ads. Amazing that anyone would have trouble staying under the limit :eek:
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    If they have effective legal counsel (pro bono I would imagine), they might be able to argue that some of their political messages amount to "educating the public on the issues/candidates".

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