5C won't play any audio, freezes when ever it tries to play audio.

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  1. todd2000, Sep 24, 2015
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    So my Aunt noticed that the alarm on her 5C didn't go off yesterday morning, it just vibrated. Then she tried to play music, and it would come up with the pause icon like the track was playing, but no sound, and when you clicked on the playing track to bring up the art it said "unable to load resource" or something like that.

    When you try to change a ringtone it just vibrates, and plays no audio, and also hangs for a while after you pick a new tone or try to change the volume. She had keyboard clicks on, and said it would hang after after every few keys, and then catch up to what she typed. I tried playing a video she recorded, and it wouldn't play it just sat there. Her games either don't work or hang when there is supposed to be sound.

    So it seems that anytime her phone tries to play audio it doesn't play, and it is hanging, or freezing.

    Interestingly, If I connect a bluetooth speaker everything would fines, except for the alarms since I guess they default to internal speakers. It was late last night, and I didn't think to test it with headphones. But at least when it tries to use the internal speakers it is messed up.

    The problem started with iOS 8, but she updated to 9.01 thinking it might help, but still the same issues. I haven't had a chance to restore it yet to see if that helps, but do you think it is a software issue, or something with hardware. It's interesting that bluetooth would work, but not internal speakers.

    Sorry for the rant, I get on a roll when I start typing. lol

    UPDATE: The headphone port works, but the lightning port doesn't, also the phone is lagging in general, not just when trying to play audio.
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    If the lightning port is not working, the phone can't be charged. What's the condition of her battery while all this is going on? That may be part of the problem.
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    Take to an Apple Store after booking a genius appointment. Internals may need looking at.
  4. todd2000 thread starter macrumors 68000

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    When I said the lighting port doesn't work, I meant for audio. It charges fine.

    I made a Genius Bar appointment already. The phone is a replacement that Apple have her about a month ago.

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