9/11 Suspects: Gen. Ralph Eberhart and Fmr. CIA Robert Baer

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    When I speak of “insiders” with foreknowledge hijacking the al-Qaeda hijackers’ airliner hijackings conspiracy with parallel conspiracy, this is one insider I have always had in mind.

    Published today

    While Baer isn’t somebody I have thought had involvement, his casual admission in this street interview over a decade ago—of knowing one guy with foreknowledge—is damning.

    Published yesterday

    In that same street interview, Baer also said that the “Dancing Israelis” were set up and filming before the first plane. But in the September 10, 2015 Q&A that Corbett included b-roll clips of—Baer at Hammer Ballroom with Bob Graham re: Saudis and 28 pages, he changed his story when confronted by audience member on it, saying that the “Dancing Israelis” didn’t have foreknowledge. Problem is, the “Dancing Israelis” did have foreknowledge; they conclusively, provably were set up and filming the first plane. (It is proven far beyond any reasonable doubt.) So it is almost guaranteed that Baer, in fact, knew the guy who “cashed out,” the same way he initially told the truth about the “Dancing Israelis.” Why is Baer now lying?
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