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Apr 12, 2001
This article on (Ukraine) mentions the 970, the Xstation... and also

Some of the non-US Apple sites appear less "official" than others, this particular site is linked from at least one location in Apple's site. An old (?test) [url][/url] page links the Ukraine site from the pop-up list on the bottom.


The article appears to simply reference this article on MacRumors from November -- in which the 970 and Xstation are mentioned.

Amusing, nonetheless...


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Mar 25, 2003
Seattle, WA
I still don't think Apple is going to do XStation.
Apple has much to do in other areas, and I don't see much market for XStation.


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Jul 16, 2002
How about a translation of this? For all I know it could have the worlds funniest joke in there as well. (Monty Python reference alert)


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Jun 4, 2002
Machine Translation

Here is a raw Machine Translation using Systran (

== Executive Summary ==

I should note now that this is actually a RECURSIVE reference - They are referencing Macrumors re: Legal stuff and about supposedly leaked info

-- Dan =)

Saying about the modernization of table models, cannot it went around this theme by attention, as the sequential generation of processors for the "apple systems" - PowerPC G5. about them speak even since the beginning of the past year, and the working models must byli already it was put on the market. But in the stores their everything no and no. But here that that is located in the surplus, so this rumors.

Situation proyasnilo the anonymous interview, which was appeared at the end of November on site Despite the fact that the material does not have the explicit author, the information given in it indirectly indicates that this person refers direct to company Apple Computer. The anonymity of the author is dictated, most likely, fact that in accordance with the rules of corporate behavior, accepted into Apple, colleague, who opened the details of the created products to their official announcement, waits the immediate release and, possibly, even judicial trial.

Thus, which it is discussed in the interview? It is exerted, the completely working prototype of computer PowerMac G5 existed already more than a year. But because of the complexities, which arose in company Motorola (producer of chips PowerPC) upon transfer on 0.13- m technology, the mass production of the processors of generation G5 always was put aside. And then Motorola and completely zakryla direction G5, and Apple not ostavalos' nothing other, as threw entirely even newer prototype into the pantry and it left for the searches for the new developer of microprocessors. By this developer of stala corporation IBM. In its reserve proved to be the 64- bit processor IBM PowerPC 970 (improved model Power 4) - to it- that and there wakes constructed following generation Of ma.chuov. New computers, if everything poydet in the manner that it planirovalos', they will appear in the 3rd quarter of that flowing, 2003- GO of year.

By the way, besides known already model lines, must it left one more - super-productive graphic stations xStation. But to those times maximum, what it stands it expected, this of the sequential growth of frequency in the existing one- and two-processor models with processor PPC G4.


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Jul 22, 2002
Very interesting

If this is an authentic Apple site, there is an interesting slip up in there, more than once...(look real close)......

????, ? ??? ?? ????????? ? ????????? ???????????, ????????? ??????? ???????? ?????????? PowerMac G5 ??????????? ??? ????? ????. ?? ??-?? ??????????, ????????? ? ???????? Motorola (????????????? ????? PowerPC) ??? ???????? ?? 0.13-??? ??????????, ???????? ?????? ??????????? ????????? G5 ??? ????? ????????????. ? ????? Motorola ? ????? ??????? ??????????? G5, ? Apple ?? ?????????? ?????? ???????, ??? ????????? ?????? ??? ????????? ???????? ? ????? ? ??????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ????????????????. ???? ????????????? ????? ?????????? IBM. ? ??? ? ?????? ???????? 64-?????? ????????? IBM PowerPC 970 (??????????????????? ?????? Power 4) - ?? ???-?? ? ????? ????????? ????????? ????????? ??c???. ????? ??????????, ???? ??? ?????? ???, ??? ?????????????, ???????? ? 3-? ???????? ????????, 2003-?? ????.

The specific mention of 2003, IBM PowerPC 970 and G5 are all very interesting.

If you skim through, the rest of the details, software, other Apple products are correct....also notice, when monitors are 30"

Can anyone validate the authenticity of this site, in relation to Apple ?

If so, the answer appears to be there. Maybe our French friends are on the money ;-)



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Apr 27, 2003
Attempted translation - I know russian... +/- 97% accurate

The biggest in the world of notebooks, the flattest monitors, the most convenient operating systems and the fastest browsers. All from the company Apple.

In the last half-year the American company Apple noticibly activated their [????????????] and brought forward to the market some hardware and software innovations.

Traditionally, every announcement was accompanied by the words 'revolutionary', 'biggest', 'fastest', and 'most convenient'. And what's interesting, almost all of these announcements were not far from the truth.

Mac for teachers and students
To begin, lets say, from "steel". In mid-2002 the eMac G4 was announced. At first it was only available to teachers and students.... blah blah... alright I am going to jump straight to the good stuff.... bear with me...

--- IMPORTANT STUFF , well, not really ---

They say that people have been talking about the G5 since the start of the year, but they are nowhere to be seen.

Someone had submitted a story to macosrumors about the G5 annoymously and they doubt his/her information. (Apparently, these guys writing this actually have no clue about what is going on at Apple).

Next, they talk about some interview where it turns out that motorola will not make G5s and instead IBM will.

They say that there should be a new xStation line of computers soon - they will be used for cinematography (i guess)..... anyway, they say professional movie making.


In conclusion, this article has no information worth of any value other than the mention of an xStation, a line of computers designed for professional film/movie editing.


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Apr 9, 2001
I don't think anything exciting is actually in the article... I think they are just referencing the rumors.



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Jul 17, 2002
Heres my translation:

"Speaking of updating current desktop models, as its impossible not to mention such a topic, or the next generation of processors for Apple Systems - the PowerPC G5. People have been talking about these since the beginning of last year, and working models should already be on sale [according to rumors]. But you still can't find them in stores. All that exists are rumors.

An anonymous interview which has appeared at the end of November on shed some light on the subject. Even though this material has an anonymous author, the interview indirectly gives us the idea that the author has somethind to do with Apple Computer. The anonymity of the author is most likely due to the fact that, in accordance with the rules of corporate behavior, enforced by Apple, the author, who revealed product details before official announcement, fears losing his job and, possibly even judicial trial.

Anyways, what is discussed in the interview?..."

Anyways the person goes on to basically paraphrase the interview from, and I'm too lazy to translate further.

This doesn't seem like an official apple press release or anything, but rather a paraphrasing of rumors from here. :p


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Mar 7, 2002
Originally posted by myrdred23

Anyways the person goes on to basically paraphrase the interview from, and I'm too lazy to translate further.

Damn you, lazy translation monkey! Do we not feed you enough bananas? We spent all that time teaching you russian with bananas and electrical shocks and now you don't think the one russian language based rumor in the history of mac rumor mongering is important enough for you to translate?
See Arn? I told you the russian mac rumor translation monkey project was a bad investment and you should have spent the money on a backup server instead. But you didn't listen, did you?



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Jul 4, 2001
1 Block away from NYC.
Originally posted by arn
I don't think anything exciting is actually in the article... I think they are just referencing the rumors.


you should be happy your web site got on an apple page, well okay, it in another language but still.

They paraphrased you, etc...


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Mar 25, 2003
Seattle, WA
Originally posted by etoiles
so what, now MR posts the news and apple posts the rumors ? :D

It is weird.
Why would an official Apple site (it is official, isn't it??) post a page that redirects to a rumor?
One would think they should have at least some ideas about what Apple is doing... :confused:


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Jul 17, 2002
Well that article is entitled something among the lines of "whats happening in the mac community", and they say some of us are discussing rumors, etc, which we are. Its not really an official apple press release or anything, just like a "fun to read" article.
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