A bizarre FaceTime story

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rwd hero, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I have been introducing my mother in law to apple products. It started with an iPad 2 and she loved it. She was face timing my wife to see our daughter and facebooking and everything. She was in love. She got my father in law an iPod touch for Christmas so they could FaceTime. They are both getting accustomed to answering calls on their new apple devices. My mother in law came home from work today and noticed she had 2 missed FaceTime calls from the iPod touch (the iPod was in the house while both of them were at work). She thought this was a little weird so called it back (and heard it ring downstairs) and no one picked up right away so she hung up, but as she was hanging up she noticed the screen saying "connecting". After she hung up she quickly called the iPod back (again heard it ringing) and to her surprise someone picked it up! The iPod was sitting right in front of her and someone was having a FaceTime conversation with her iPad, from the iPod right in front of her. She said the "kid" just said "weird" and hung up. Does anyone know how this could happen? The only 2 people on either of their address books is my wife and the other apple device.
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    Sounds like someone piggybacked their Apple ID. Not entirely sure though. It's not unheard of but is indeed very weird and rare for this to happen.
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    I'd get that ID checked. Kids these day's can hack anything. Report this to Apple, and they will check it out for you. It might not be the ID that's been hacked, more likely the wifi but either way, it's not right.

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