A Christian's Response to Pro Amendment One Mega-Church

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    There is frequently talk on these boards about the coverage of Christian political agendas and the role of the "Church" (writ large) in speaking against what many see as anti-Christian, anti-theological currents within the "Christian Right."

    I wanted to post this blog as an example of what does exist, and I think is growing; although it doesn't get coverage because it isn't interesting to the media.

    The following is a blog written in response to a blog by the head pastor of a mega church in North Carolina, the battle ground for Amendment One. The response blog seems to be getting some circulation through the magic of the interwebs.

    Original Blog:

    Response (Text below):

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    I would like to see some analysis on the biblical references guys like Greear are using to substantiate the claim that 'God defined marriage'. Not that it matters what reference he can find ultimately as it's a bunch of hogwash. Geears original blog post alludes to none for the record (save anyone wasting their time reading it).

    But it would be interesting to see if fundies can hold water within their own domain. The reply above makes me suspect that they can't.
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    This is a good question. It is, unfortunately, difficult to find objective analysis on this topic. The movement within Christianity that wants to condemn homosexuality and deny rights is much louder than any opponents. Below are a few links that touch on the subject.


    Additional material from the authors referenced in the above link:



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