A compelling reason to vote for Sanders (if you're not a republican)

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by blackfox, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Nice opinion piece. Don't have a crystal ball, but I think a Sanders Presidency might be what the country needs, even if it, in itself, is not that remarkable. While I know that Sanders is anathema to some of the right-wing members here, I'd hope this doesn't become a thread about (R) vs (D). It should be obvious to anyone following this (unduly long) election cycle, that Sanders and Trump are doing well respectively because they are perceived as out of the mainstream Political System. I've been alive for 7 presidents...some good, some worse. I am still on the fence come voting day, but I have to admire what Sanders has done and represents - divorced from politics. It's quietly incredible.

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    Sanders hasn't done anything and can't do anything unless he is president. Unfortunately, it's becoming obvious that that was never his (or his handlers) true intention. I don't believe it was Trump's, either.
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    I just have to tune out of any piece which uses a term such as "neofascist appeal", regardless of who its talking about. "Journalists" that are giving someone a fair shake just don't use terms like that. Can we please get away from the name calling?
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