A Favor To Ask Of My Fellow Developers

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by dejo, Jun 5, 2009.

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    I believe that I have demonstrated a pretty good willingness to try to help other developers in this forum. As such, I'd like to ask for a few brief moments of your time and help with a poll I'm running. If you please could, stop by this thread I've posted in the App Store forum, follow the simple instructions to check the Featured - New list for a CraigsHarvest entry and then respond to the poll. I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

    Also, if you have any insight into how the Featured apps list is determined / why it might vary, spill the beans. The list on the device's App Store seems to be different than from within iTunes, etc. My understanding of becoming featured is that your app is nominated internally at Apple and then a committee decides who gets the green light (heard this from a fellow developer). Any info on the "featured process" is probably something that other developers would also like to learn more about.
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    Your guess on how the featured apps are selected is about what I had thought. I would think it would be very difficult to determine for sure exactly how they do it, and don't really have any further insight. No idea on why/how the iTunes store and on device store vary, but I had noticed that as well.
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    I'm not seeing it in 3.0b5 or 2.2.1. Answered your poll.

    If it does show up there, congrats!

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