A few G5 Questions / Considering Purchase

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by BillHarrison, Jun 24, 2004.

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    Jul 25, 2003
    Hi everyone. I am kinda new to the Mac scene, been enjoying using my Upgraded Beige G3, and I think I am ready to dump My Dual Athlon and get a G5. I have a few questions first though!

    Item 1: Is anyone aware of the flashability of PC AGP Radeons in a G5? I have no use for an overpriced Apple Radeon card. I dont need the ADC Connector, and would prefer to get the faster / cheaper PC model, flash her up, and shove her in!

    Item 2: Are G5's even remotely Overclockable? I have done some searching online, and have yet to find anyone who has overclocked this machine. Its a year old now, so I would imagine SOMEONE would have to have tinkered with it and given it a go. I can't be the only speed freak here!

    Item 3: Is anyone aware of just how a DP G5 2.0 Compares with a DP 3400+ Athlon system? I certainly don't want to take a step down in performance, but I really love OS X, it blows windows out of the water. But I do alot of encoding and heavy processor work. The tools exist for OS X to do what I need to, thats not an issue. The question is, just how does a G5 Duallie compare with an Athlon XP Duallie?

    Guess thats about all for now, thanks in advance for any Info!
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    1/ Sorry haven't got a clue. I know certain PC 8500's can be flashed for Macs, but beyond that...
    2/ why? see links below :)
    3/ G5 vs dual PC's tests
    G5 vs Dual Opteron

    like for like tests I suppose....OSX wins hands down for me, rather have that amount of speed in a car with a steering wheel. :D

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