A few more Panther 7B21 screenshots and notes.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. MacManDan macrumors 6502

    Apr 11, 2003
    I'm impressed with the new Activity Monitor. I've been looking for functionality like that in an Aqua application for a while now. Top is informative, but just doesn't quite cut it for me. In the comments listed under these pics, there's discussion that 10.3 might have case-sensitive HFS+ file system. What are the implications of this? Wouldn't this just serve to confuse? (for example: file and File in the same directory would be two different files).

    Back on topic .. Exchange implementation is very exciting. Now OS X can expand into a broad range of Windows offices everywhere, straight out of the box. Very impressive :D

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