A few questions about Mac's...


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Jun 23, 2002
Gaithersburg, MD
Hey everybody. I'm a pc user. I hate Windows. I hate my computer. I want to switch to Mac. However, I know almost nothing about Mac's. There. Said it. Now, a few questions:

1. Can I do things like change backrounds and screen savers on a Mac like I can on a PC?

2. I know that you guys don't use Windows, so how do you go about finding files? Is it basically the same thing?

3. Can I copy DVD's with the SuperDrive? (for example, can I burn my copy of Goodfella's onto a DVD-R and give it to my friend?)

4. Do I need special CD-R's for a Mac?

5. What's the deal with that mouse? Can I use a PC mouse? Do they sell Mac mouses with a scroll wheel thingie?

Thanks everybody.


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
Re: Q1...
Yes you can change backgrounds and screensavers.

Re: Q2...
Finding files? What do u mean exactly? Searching your HDD or finding appz on the web to download?

Re: Q3...
You can make copies of DVD's, however it isn't easy, just the same as for PC.
DVD's are potected and it's a lengthy process on either platform.

Re: Q4...
Nope! Any CDR/CDRW will work.

Re: Q5...
Yeah, u can use (i think) any USB mouse with Mac driver available. Hell, even Microsoft have OSX drivers for their intelli mouse.

BTW: Alot of us do use PC's too, take a look!


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Jun 23, 2002
Gaithersburg, MD
Thanks for the response. As for the unclarity about #2, how about this: On Windows, I click on My Computer, the go to Program Files, then go to whatever, then...etc.

How does this work on a Mac?


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
basically yes. you can click on the finder icon in the dock or you can click on your hard drive icon on the desktop. name it my computer if you want. i wouldnt.
as for finding files, we have what we like to call sherlock. an application that can serch your HD and/or the internet, it is also customizable.
changing backgrounds is a little bit diffrent.
as for the mouse, any usb mouse will work with or without the drivers, it will just work better with the drivers. you can "right click" with the single button mouse by holding down [ctrl] and clicking:)
hope this helps you make the switch


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Jul 18, 2001
Dendermonde/Leuven, Belgium
1. Yes off course you can. And it uses less system memory than on Windows (on Windows, I don't use Desktop wallpapers)

2. You can navigate easily through your files. The only Windows-thing I miss, is the tree structure of the Windows Explorer.
Finding files is easy with Sherlock, and in Jaguar it's even easier and quicker with a built in search engine in the Finder.
And i _do_ use Windows.

3. As easily or as hard as on PC.

4. Nope.

5. OS X supports a right mouse button and a scrolling wheel.

Happy transition.



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Jan 22, 2002
Originally posted by mymemory
#2. Just press "Command+F" and the find file menu will show up.
dont forget in 10.2 there will be that in-window searchbox :D :D (hopefully as fast as find file was)


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Jan 24, 2002
I must appluad your courage in switching platform, BiggeeC! I myself am a fairly hard-core PC user, but I just switched to the Mac with my spanking new TiBook back in January (although I continue to use PCs at work). Anyhow, here are some answers to your question:

1) Yes, you can change desktop wallpapers just as easily on a Mac. In fact, all your old wallpapers PCs will work on your Mac.

2) Navigating through OS X is the same as navigating through Windows. You click on an icon, and you can start navigating. REMEMBER: Microsoft essentially copied the Mac OS, so what you are seeing in Windows is based more or less on Apple's OS.

3) Yes you can, but remember that blank DVDs currently sold do not have the same amount of storage space as movie DVDs. I might be wrong, so it's best to check with experts on this.

4) Nope! Any CD-R or RW bought off the shelf will work with a Mac.

5) Yes, you can use a PC mouse as long as it has a USB port. You won't even need to install a driver: Mac OS X will recognize the mouse the minute you plug it in.

Basically, in the PC-centric world we live in, almost everything made for a PC is compatible with a Mac. Software for PCs cannot run on a Mac (without Virtual PC), but files (like MP3s, Word, Excel, etc.) can be read just as easily.

If you want more info, please e-mail me.


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Welcome BiggeeC

Welcome to the I hate windows club!

I think it save to say we alll hate the bugger!

If you want to check your files just click on the Hard Drive.

Or you can make a new folder put in on the dock and put a bunch of aliases in the folder, that way you can jump to all your favorite app , right away!

One of the great thing about Mac is that there are friends to help you when you need it! :)