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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mentaluproar, Jun 28, 2012.

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    A friend of mine got mugged at pride (the guy damn near killed him), and his phone was stolen when someone came to help. He decided to go from android to the iPhone, even though I showed him a few great android phones out there.

    He went to a sprint store (his current cell phone provider), and because he wanted to get an early upgrade (which can happen under certain circumstances) they refused to help him. I'm assuming that because there was not a sale involved, they didn't care. He even called their customer service people a few times, and they were equally dismissive.

    He went to the apple store at our local mall to look at the iPhone 4S and replace an old magsafe charger that was damaged for a revised one. The charger exchange occurred immediately.

    After the charger exchange, they went to fetch someone more helpful in dealing with cell phone providers. For whatever reason, he fell through the cracks and was waiting for 2 hours! By this point, I came down to see how he was doing, and flagged down an employee. (He was still shaken up and embarrassed of his bruises, so he was in no mood to act assertive). A manager was summoned, who resolved the situation right away.

    Here is the interesting part: He wasn't angry at all! The store was packed and they were doing everything they could, but for whatever reason, he fell through the cracks. In any other store, a customer would likely be furious and demanding free stuff, and yet he wasn't upset at all, but happy to have received a SINCERE apology, rather than a scripted response or being dismissed like he was in dealing with sprint in their store and over the phone. Kudos to the apple store, who actually resolved a problem rather than buying a customer with free crap. I was very impressed!

    Sprint wanted him to wait on the phone with them for an hour for a maybe, but for work, he needed a phone today and the Sprint store wouldn't do anything. He got a number off of sprint, at the suggestion of the employee now helping us, and switched to AT&T in a matter of minutes. She was helpful and kind, and took a legitimate interest, rather that act as a typical sales drone. Another point for Apple!

    Despite spending a few hours hiding in an apple store, he left very happy (save for giving up his unlimited data plan with sprint).

    As for the phone itself, he has made a few interesting points. Android has more features, like auto-lock (Not for password, but to actually turn off the phone, which I still don't understand the need for), swype, and a larger screen, but he's pretty happy with the clean and zippy interface, siri, and something I never noticed, insanely fast battery charge time (even though his car stereo). He also doesn't mind the small screen as much as he thought he would.

    Between the store's handling of a mistake and the product itself holding up to an android user's expectations, I have to say I am happy that we're apple customers.
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    This is typical of my experiences with Apple CS. I have never been to a store, as I have an assigned Apple sales representative and Tech expert.

    I'm actually on my third one now, others have been promoted, but always I am phoned, and personally introduced to the replacement. When new product mania breaks out, (Like the iPad 3) I am phoned, asked what time I would be available to place my order...Thus avoiding the rush.

    I have dealt with many companies over the years, some good, some truly terrible when it comes to Customer service, I can honestly say apple are top of the tree.

    Amazon are also pretty darned good too.

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