A Giant Step Backwards

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    Four years ago, in the wake of a mediocre debate performance by President Obama, blogger Andrew Sullivan had what could be charitably termed a "major freak-out." Overnight polls showed Romney gaining a 12-point swing, and gaining a slight lead in the race.

    I'm reminded of that incident today because we are on the eve of the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And the situation today is arguably far more dire. Clinton doesn't have a 12 point lead to give up. And the prospects of a Trump Presidency worry me far more than a potential Romney one ever did.

    Don't get me wrong: Trump isn't Hitler. He's not a present-day Idi Amin or Hugo Chavez, No matter how dreadful he might turn out to be as President, our system of Government and our national institutions will serve to preserve the foundations of our democracy and our nation. Social Security and the Constitution will survive a Trump Presidency. And, come what may, after four or eight years he would simply have to go.

    But I do firmly believe a Trump Presidency would be a dreadful, and all-but unprecedented step backwards for the United States as a nation, as a society, and an economy.

    At the very least, the US would become an international laughing-stock. The same countries that marveled at a nation that could elect its first Black President would recoil in horror at our first reality-TV President. It seems likely that women's rights to control their own reproductive destiny, a cornerstone of so much social and economic progress in the past half-century, will be irreparably damaged at the hands of a Republican Congress and a Trump White House. A Supreme Court that had seemed headed towards a 21st century centrist consensus will be cast back for another generation. Reckless tax cuts on the richest Americans will further deepen our deficits, while failing to bring economic growth and increasing the inequality that is slowly eroding our civil society.

    I worry greatly about Trump's potential impact on foreign relations. I see Vladimir Putin emboldened to take over Ukraine. I see our NATO alliance, the cornerstone of national security for almost seventy years, fatally weakened.

    I see twenty to thirty million Americans losing their rights and their access to health insurance. Trump has vowed to "repeal" Obamacare. Something a Republican Congress will gladly assist him in. While spectacularly failing to "replace" it with anything at all.

    Those are the stakes. Four years ago I kept faith in the collective wisdom of the American people. And they did not let me down.
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    Jun 3, 2009
    nice post. however if you put our faith in people you will ultimately be left down. better to have more faith in yourself, friends and family
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    The international community has no choice but to deal with the US so while they are chuckling in their liberal safe zones they should know that the free ride is over.
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    Jun 3, 2009
    so brave
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    Jun 8, 2009
    Or that it is not useful to have the US as an ally. I am sure that would benefit Iran, North Korea, the PRC, and Russia – I just don't see how that would benefit the US.
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    The liberal sky will literally fall if Trump is elected. Activist judges trying to redefine the Constitution is the real threat to liberty, if you want to change the Constitution we have an Amendment process.
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    Wow, interesting rant. It sounds eerily like the sky-is-falling predictions made by Jonathan Chait and Bill Moyers. Channel much?


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    The Republican Party is ****ed either way. If Trump wins they'll have another president who is the countries worst ever - as Trump is clearly a do nothing charlatan. If not, they will have only won the popular vote once in 30 years.

    On the plus side it'd piss of the elite.
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    I don't think once is really that bad. The democrats have only done it twice.

    Actually I'm thinking of winning > 50% which is a different thing.
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    Jun 13, 2015
    Did you string those cliches together all by yourself? Shouldn't a member of the Übermenschen defy convention?

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