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Jul 14, 2001
Hey guys, I've been using Macs for a few years now and I'm working as a Graphic Designer currently. I bought the 333mhz iMac about 2 years ago maybe and got a good deal because the new slot-loaders had just come out. Anyways, I was really looking forward to a new iMac so I could finally make it worthwhile to upgrade. I gotta say that I'm knda dissapointed with my options today.

The basic math is this:
old iMac is worth $600 (CDN) and it's got a G3-333 with 64 ram
new iMac today (bottom of line) is $1500 (CDN) with a G3-500 and 128 ram and a CDRW.

Should I really be spending another $1200 (after taxes) on this. I'd be pissed if something REALLY nice came out in a few months like it probably will. I could really use some advice though and if you need more info just ask. Thanks.

DJ Hoyt

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Jul 19, 2001
Austin, TX US

I can help some. I work with graphics and web design myself. First off, I could dream of doing any of that stuff on a G3 (new or old iMac) The velocity engine really helps. And the RAM expansion in iMacs is a pain and the RAM is this special type of RAM that just isn't as cheap as regular SDRAM PC133. MacZone (http://www.maczone.com/) has 512MB or SDRAM PC133 for $99. Pure steal. Get that and one of the new G4s and you'd be set. But if money is a big issue, I suggest getting a AGP or PCI graphics G4 from eBay. I'm using a PCI G4 350MHz and run PhotoShop 6 and Adobe GoLive 5.0 on it all the time with my 320MB or RAM and it works great! =) For less than those iMacs you could probably get a G4 tower. Although you still have to get a monitor and that may be an issue. eBay is a good source for all that. Anyone else got any advice? Good luck in Mac buying!!! :)
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