A little more info on upcomng TomTom App and how the Dock "enhances" it

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Tunnelrunner, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Interesting, but he got at least one thing wrong: the App Store is now set up for monthly billing. I see that he published that on June 10, so he just could have had out of date info, but the keynote mentioned in-App purchase, which could have been interpreted either way.

    Anyway, I'm still hoping for a one-time fee! I'm not going to pay monthly for something I use sporadically. I'd use the traffic portion more than the navigation anyway, and the built-in Map app has that.
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    In-app purchases were announced in March. At least the author could've did 2 seconds of research.
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    I'm hoping for a one-time payment also. I didn't go for the subscription with my Windows Mobile and Blackberry phones, I'm not going to go for it with this one, also. And speaking of those other platforms, TomTom had HUGE piracy problems. I recall TomTom making an announcement that weren't going to bother with software for WinMo any longer because of it. I don't know if they actually followed through with that, but you could download pretty much any version, pre cracked, for any point on earth from any torrent site and it was openly discussed on WinMo sites as if it was their divine right to steal it. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this version will require that additional hardware to work at all, at least for a certain duration or to obtain a certain accuracy. After all, there's no shortage of iPhone app piracy and TomTom isn't a charity.
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    So I have a car stereo from 1998 w/o a headphone jack. I guess I'm SOL with the Dock playing through my car stereo? No FM transmission?

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    Well, you could run the audio out jack into an FM transmitter, and it would work the same way as using your head phone jack out of the phone.
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    You can also run it into a cassette adaptor.

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    You can also get a cable that plugs into the back of your stereo if it can hook up to a CD changer. These have 30-pin dock connectors and can supply power and even control iPod functions.
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    I don't necessarily trust this article. From AppleInsider dated the same day:

    "While previewing the solution at WWDC on Monday, TomTom’s co-founder and CTO Peter-Frans Pauwels said the kit will include a built-in FM transmitter for playing your iPhone's music library over your car stereo as well."

    No one is really going to know until this thing is released. Since the TomTom device looks to have a detachable plug, they could have an option for an FM transmitter, USB, or AUX.

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