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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pbrooks, Sep 22, 2012.

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    I understand that some people are experience issues with their new iPhones. The proportion of posts reporting these problems, as is typical in a forum, makes this seem like a disastrous product rollout.

    Not to diminish their problems, but I thought I would share the following.

    1) My black/slate 64gb arrived in pristine condition. Perfect in all respects.
    2) UPS didn't screw me this year. They arrived at 10am for once.
    3) My activation process with AT&T took less than a minute.
    4) Restoring from back went quickly and smoothly.
    5) My phone is working perfectly - LTE, Wifi, voice, iMessages.
    6) My cheap $5 bumper from Monoprice (which arrived Wednesday) fits nicely and will protect those soft bezels until something better is released.
    7) I'm not getting dizzy from the new active noise-canceling on the new phone.
    9) The glass on my phone is still oleophobic.
    8) iOS6 is working perfectly on my iPad 2 since installing it on Wednesday.

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    <Hmmmm, what can I come up with to rain on OP parade? I don't like seeing people so positive>
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