A major step up from the 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gadget123, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Huge leap from the 4 (as it has Siri, 8mp camera, faster processor) but also miles better than the 4S then screen is fantastic, large, brighter. The A6 chip means Siri works better, it's instant and fast.

    Build quality feels finer than the 4S. Not light or cheap (not sure what phone other people have been using. This really is the finest Apple product I've owned.

    Anybody considering upgrading I will say it feels like the Ipad 1 to Ipad 2 update. People only think the 3GS to 4 was a big update due to retina for the first time and because they ditched the curve design. Personally I think Apple can stick to the current one for years to come as it's very good quality.

    So what I'd say is the Iphone 5 screen is miles better but all the smaller features will become apparent after using it for weeks like better battery life and the low light camera.

    I go back to build quality again and the 4S feels heavy, but cheap more plastic feel but the 5 feels more polished, brushed and sleek. The 4S is basically just the Iphone 4 but a few additions. I would genuinely advise upgrading as the better 8mp camera, faster chip and Siri will really make IOS6 much more pleasant than on the 4S.

    So to summarise if you like the IOS system, want a faster device with A6 than even the current Ipad then it's a must. Best Iphone yet.
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    While it is an improvement, the 4 and 4S does not even come close to feeling like plastic or cheap by any means. I don't know where you get that from. :confused: You do realize too that the 4S has a 8mp camera, right? The aperture is wider which improves the camera but not an enormous gain for typical shooting. Don't get me wrong, I love my 5 but I don't think its fair to bash the 4 and 4S in terms of quality.
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    The only thing the 5 has over the 4S is LTE a bigger screen and the A6. The 4S has the same 8mp iSight camera which takes gorgeous photos. The 5 simply was not enough for me to upgrade, but enough for all the yearly upgraders (obviously). Even still, I played with my friends 5 next to my 4S and the only thing that wowed me was the crisper display. It just feels like a taller, lighter 4S.

    And you think 4S feels cheap compared to the 5? You must be high. The 4S is notably more durable and solid feeling than the 5. I would agree that the 4S might not look as "refined" as the 5, but thats because the 5 has more of a seamless look. The 5 feels like it could be composed of plastic.

    The 5 is the same upgrade from the 4S as the 4S was from the 4. It's practically the same deal every year. The reaction to the 5 is so different because finally there was a slight redesign. Hence why people are probably more blown away by the 5 than the 4S. If the 4S had a different design from the 4, you would have seen the same reaction last year.

    I'm sorry but I can't say this enough. Despite the fact that I love the 5, I really like the 4S better. And I'm not just saying that because I own one. I happen to like the 4/4S build. It won't bend. ;p

    By the way, this title should be called "a major step up from the iPhone 4"

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