A Meeting with (the voice of) a Transformer

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bradl, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Yes, weird thread title, but we're all geeks here; roll with it for a moment.

    In the Sacramento, CA area, you can cound the comic/gaming/manga/anime as very lucky. Every 3 months, there is a Comic book convention, with various speakers/artists coming into town. Cosplay contest, trading card game tournaments, and the chance to find those old/rare comic books either for the money or to complete your collection.

    However, twice a year, there is a huge anime convention (they just started up one that is annual, but that's another story). The first one of the year is coming up this weekend (actually starts Friday, and goes through to Sunday).

    Well, the keynote speaker for this convention is none other than Peter Cullen. For those of you who slept through or weren't alive in the 80s, Cullen was the narrator for Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and the villain Venger in Dungeons and Dragons, most of you will know him as this guy:


    Now.. with my kids just now discovering Transformers: Rescue Bots, it would be a trip to have them hear his voice live. So getting to the show isn't a problem. Getting to see his talk isn't a problem. The problem is what to have him autograph! Excluding movies (except the original Transformers animated movie), All my O.P. stuff is at my parent's place (unfortunately not NIB either :( ), and everyone and their mother will be bringing Transformers gear to sign. I have the D&D box set with script of the last unproduced episode, as well as Voltron, but if you had the chance, what would you bring to have signed by the guy that basically shaped what the quintessential cartoon hero was of the last 30 years?

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    Long, long time ago Mel Blanc lectured at our university. That night, we saw him at the Big Boy where by buddy worked. My friend followed him into the rest room, took up the urinal next to the one Mel was using, and asked him, “You’re Mel Blanc, right?”

    Mel replied as Yosemite Sam, and proceeded to demonstrate his Warner Brothers repertoire as they both stood there peeing.

    God, that was funny. I always regretted that I didn’t follow him in, too. What a story.
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    Brings a new spin to "pissing yourselves laughing". :D


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