A mixed Panther review on wired.com. A sharp individual doe...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. settledown macrumors regular

    Feb 28, 2003
    that guy is an idiot

    sorry but anyone who says "the power cord had to be yanked out", doesn't know what they are talking about.
  2. Rower_CPU Moderator emeritus


    Oct 5, 2001
    San Diego, CA
    Unfortunately, his mistake does come off somewhat as a failing in Apple to make the install process easier.

    I think the rest of the article was quite positive and the first half page or so could have been edited out.
  3. Flowbee macrumors 68030


    Dec 27, 2002
    Alameda, CA
    A more accurate report would have *first* mentioned that he had previously installed it twice with no problems, instead of burying that info six paragraphs down.

    Instead of "Panther ruined my computer!" what his story really boils down to is "Don't attempt to install a major OS upgrade without backing up your important files." And that's true of any operating system. But I guess that's not quite as exciting. :rolleyes:

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