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    Oct 10, 2003
    I'm a lifelong PC user, and I'm considering making the switch. I just got married, kids are in the future, and I'm sure to be doing a bit of movie making and picture taking. This is one of the factors for my switch. I'm thinking about the 12" PB, but first a few questions:

    1. If I opt for the cheaper combo drive model, is there a Firewire DVD burner out there that I can add later? I don't see myself burning DVD for about a year, so I don't need it right this second.

    2. I'm a live music freak, and do a lot of downloading of shows in .shn format. Does Mac have software that plays .shn without having to convert it to .wav (or the Mac equivalent)?

    3. I have an Eizo 17" flat screen. Will this "mini-DVI" that the PB has require some type of an adapter to hook into the flat screen DVI?

    4. Is it conceivable that I could plug the PB to the flat screen, stow the powerbook in the corner of the desk, buy a wireless keyboard/mouse, and basically run it as a desktop until I travel?

    5. Last but not least, I used to be a gamer. Not so much anymore, but I still play around a little bit. Will I get bored on a Mac for lack of games? I guess I spend most of my time on web and email, but I'd like the option to play a few (sports) games.

    Thanks to any and all who can help me out here. I appreciate it.
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    Oct 5, 2001
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    Great questions, and welcome to the community.

    1) Apple does not support the use of 3rd party DVD burners with iDVD, so that leaves out adding on a burner later for movie purposes. For general file backup on DVD you're fine with an external.

    2) A Google search turned up a possible app for your .shn files: http://www.hornig.net/shorten/

    3) The 12" PB comes with adapters for the mini-DVI plug to go to VGA and full DVI.

    4) That should work just fine.

    5) We've got a pretty decent gaming forum that will probably have better answers for you than I. In general, games are starting to port quicker to Mac, if they're not released simultaneously. One thing I'd watch out for with gaming on a closed laptop is heat. Make sure you've adequate ventilation around all sides and the bottom of the laptop.
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    Jul 1, 2003
    Re: A possible switcher

    Yes, there are but I think you need to alter iDVD somehow to get them to work properly with that program. If you plan on using FCE, FCP, or Avid I think you have no worries at all.

    Sorry, I don't know that format. Maybe try Google.

    EDIT: On closer reading, this adaptor does indeed come with the 12".
    Yes, the Apple mini-DVI to DVI adaptor, $19.00 at the Apple Store.

    I'm pretty sure the 12" powerbook now runs with the lid closed. I'm willing to bet a search of the fora here will answer this categorically. This might not be good for the screen, I think the keyboard is supposed to vent heat, but I am Not an Expert.

    There a lots of games for Macs. Sports games aren't as well represented as the shooter/RPG/Sim games, but there are several racing games, some golf, and a soccer game that I know of.
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    Jan 24, 2002
    I will respond to your first and fifth question.

    First, yes, there are external DVD writers out there. You can check out one here. I honestly think getting an external DVD writer a better bet, since burning DVDs will consume a lot of power and time. There are very few instances where you will need to burn a DVD on the run.

    As for your fifth question, that is a matter of personal preference. I will say, however, that it feels great to be a gamer when you are using a PC. Go to any store and pick out any game that suits your fancy: you definitely can't do that on a Mac.

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