A putsch at the DNC?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thomas Veil, Nov 18, 2006.

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    It's been reported before that Howard Dean and Rahm Emanuel are constantly at each others' throats, but this is a new twist:

    The New Republic

    Now, I like Carville. Quite a lot. But I think he's dead wrong on Dean. How on earth can you argue with the success of this last election? Would it have been better to abandon some races (as the Republicans did) and focus only on traditional Democratic strongholds such as those around the Great Lakes and on the coasts?

    I also don't know what the heck Carville sees in Harold Ford.

    If Dean gets canned, I will be mightily pissed with the Democrats.
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    Dean has already talked to Harold Ford about it and he doesn't want the job. The only one pushing for this is Carville, no one else seems to want to do anything stupid after the big win. Well, no one who matters. Sure, the election was practically handed to them, but Dean did a pretty good job, and is actually fairly popular in the party right now, for obvious reasons. I'm sure mistakes were made and there was a lot of money left, but I doubt there was much anyone could have done about some of those elections they lost. The Dems are just happy to win, and by so much, they don't seem to want to be greedy about it. Carville has been acting weird lately. Not saying you can't criticize, there's still a lot I don't like about them, but Dean's got it right, why would anyone want to spoil that.

    I find it strange that while the RNC is coming apart at the seams, everyone seems to be talking about how the Dems are fighting among themselves. This and the thing about Pelosi backing Murtha are nonissues that are being touted as some kind of big deal. Damn liberal media.
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    yea Newsweek also said Ford wasn't interested. Though Carville might have a point about Ford being more palatable to big money donors. I'm sure Dean is a smart guy, but his primal scream in the primary probably makes him look like a bit of a loon.

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