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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by MarySullivan64, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Apr 18, 2018
    Hello community :) I have a question regarding the safety of my device. Most recently i bought an Iphone version X. I bought it from very close friend of mine. The phone packed with all (charger, headphones) and so on. It was used for less than a month. The device came with it's factory settings- a white screen, stating Hello and advising me to create Apple id and start using it. I followed all the instructions. A week ago my facebook accounts was breached and a two factor verification via SMS code was activated. I changed the password at the moment. I always thought it was my collage who tried this but a family member insist that it's possible the Iphone to be somehow rigged by the previous owner. He mentioned that the phone may have been rooted somehow and spy programs/codes can be installed on the device even that it came erased on factory settings. He wants to preform some operation using his computer to fully reinstall the softoware of my device. Thing is, i already signed too much accounts and saved most of my information solely on the device, not on my apple id, so i am not willing to factory restore the device again.

    What i want to ask you here is it really possible that even that my Iphone came with the Holla white screen, anything from the former owner can still remain active on the device and can spy on me (extract passwords, emails and so on), or it simply the paranoia of that family member, that happens to understand a bit about Apple :)

    Thanks in advance, Marry :)
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    A recent thread which seems to be fairly similar might be of some help: https://forums.macrumors.com/thread...remove-jailbreak-from-privious-owner.2114797/
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    Apr 18, 2018
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    Or someone simply correctly guessed your FB password. As you had 2FA setup the login would have been disallowed so no breach occurred.

    Way easier to believe than you have a cracked X with spy programs etc etc...
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    2 step verification stopped the intruder, true. I also have option (that my son activated), that show if any other device logs in from anywhere and it show its IP adress.
    Anyways it's my son that's being paranoid about this stuff. He insist that i should allow him to somehow clear the device i install the softoware again. From what i see in the answer of another similar thread (haha) it seems some of you do recommend that procedure. I can't however see how the phone can come as new (with the welcoming screen, which should mean it was put back in factory state) and still hold dangers. I've talked with a friend that works in big mobile carrier's office and he says that when they give phones to their user while they leave their's in the carrier's repair services, when it comes to iphones they simply restore the device from the options and than handle it to someone else after checking the IMEI (if the user somehow tried to swap the device). So he told me that no matter what was happening with the device prior this "Factory restoration" is either gone or no longer active was the phone was re-set up as new. He told me that the reinstallation of the software of an iphone is usually preformed if something on the device is seriously wrong and if the device was messed up with and the Restore option from the phone won't work.
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