A Question For The Lurkers Here In Regards To Trump


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Oct 27, 2016
For all you lurkers here, that don't post in here very often. I have a question for you. My goal is to see what people think in one word, when Donald Trump pops into their minds. For those of us who clearly have our views and post on a regular basis, please don't participate. I want the lurkers, who read these forums to post in a single word that pops into the mind, when the topic of Trump is brought up. So, all you lurkers who don't normally participate, all I ask is for a single word, that best describes your thought process when Trump comes into mind. Also, please don't quote, or argue with the lurkers. It's simply to see what really pops in the minds of people when they think about him. Profanity, even though it's somewhat redacted doesn't bother me. I'm eager to see what people post as a single word that best describes him, thanks...

I hope to get several pages of single words from lurkers that best describes Trump, then I'll cut it off and have a general discussion with the regs here about all the words. Mods, plz delete any derailing comments, or quotes, or arguments from the regs, let them post without criticism, or gloating about the results until several pages have concluded.
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