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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by eyoungren, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Friday I dropped my iPhone 6+ on asphalt outside the bank.

    The screen shattered. The screen protector did not. For that at least, I was grateful. But first time I have ever cracked a screen.

    Scheduled an appointment with Apple to replace the screen this afternoon (Sunday, 9/20/15). Since I was assuming an out of warranty screen replacement I didn't bother to wipe my jailbreak. I did back up though.

    Of course I got the one genius who was less than thrilled about seeing a jailbroken iPhone.

    I was informed that before she would allow replacement of the screen I would have to restore. I agreed to this as I thought it might be a possibility anyway. Off to iOS 9 I thought.

    Then the Apple ID problems began. Of course my phone (which is always fine until I enter an Apple store!) refuses to take my valid password. So, she had me log into icloud.com and do it from there. Fortunately, that was doable.

    So, phone was restored. No DFU mode and she took it away when she rebooted. Not my problem if it bootlooped. She came back and told me that my wait was one hour.

    So, I waited with my kids (who love to visit the Apple store so they can get on the iPads there) for an hour. Checked back in.

    Waited another ten minutes and then an entirely different genius comes out to tell me that the store is having serious issues with iOS 9 and restores and whatnot. He still had my old phone with the cracked screen intact - not even touched. But he also has with him a white box replacement.

    The Genius told me that because of the aforenamed issues Apple was replacing my entire phone for the cost of the screen replacement I had come in for. So, $129 plus tax.

    Allright. A new phone for the cost of a screen replacement. I'm ok with that. Now we try to get it activated, but he tells me that the store has also been having serious issues with getting Sprint iPhones activated. It will look like it activates, but it does not.

    He doesn't really mess around with it, but sets it up as new and hands me the phone (after I pay).

    So, I discover that he's right and my iPhone is not activated a little while later. Sigh. It's Sunday night and I am still supposed to take my kids to Starbucks as I promised them and I'm now running around with a phone that's not activated and has none of my data.

    So, I bring my MacBook Pro with me to Starbucks (normally I bring my PowerBook). It's got my iTunes backup and is the only Mac I own that will sync with my iPhone 5 and 6+.

    Futzing around with WiFi does not get the phone activated so I go to Sprint's site and inside my account find an "Active Phone" link. I'm going down this rabbit trail.

    Turns out the link is for an ESN swap. I plug in my info, as well as the previous SIM card serial number (conveniently given to me by Sprint's site) and voila, my phone is activated!

    Why do I always end up having to do Apple's job of activating my phone?! SMH!

    Anyway, I am now restoring my data at Starbucks.

    I have lost my jailbreak because this phone is on 8.4.1 (missed it by THIS much!!!), but at least I'm not on 9. And I have an entirely new iPhone for the cost of a screen replacement.

    Now it's sit and wait for a jailbreak.
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Didn't you lose a jail break before too ?

    I recently lost mine too :( The only positive was that my phone would then allow the upload of my bank card to use  Pay.

    From the chatter I've read on the net a jail break will not be released for iOS 8.4.1 but possibly instead for iOS 9.1

    I'm now on iOS 9 from iOS 8.4.1 and really liking what it brings to my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air.

    Safari had way less reloading and when it does it reloads to where I left off and no more Ad's I don't want to see. I certainly miss my tweaks tho.
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Yes. That was with my iPhone 5. It was on 8.3 (which I upgraded to in order to see if it would domestically unlock after Sprint gave me an international unlock) at the time that only 8.1.2 and below was jailbreakable.

    I got my 6+ with 8.1.2 before they released the 8.3/8.4 jailbreak though.

    I'm going to hang out on 8.4.1 until I hear 9.x has been jailbroken. I'll probably update then and jailbreak. There's nothing in 9.x I need at the moment.

    On the upside to all of this, I have a brand new September 2015 iPhone 6+ (possibly refurb, but who cares) and Apple Pay now. :D
  4. iRetired macrumors 6502a


    Apr 21, 2012
    I doubt that it is a refurb. My new gold 64GB 6+ has a manufacturing date of August 2015.

    But isn't there some kind of procedure to see if it was used previously, like typing buyr on some screen? Maybe if I google it. . .
  5. eyoungren thread starter macrumors Core


    Aug 31, 2011
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    Well, I only suspect because I put my serial number in Chipmunk and it suggested it might be where it listed the factory.

    Not that I care either way. The refurbs are indistinguishable from new and the new one seems pretty much pristine.
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    Damn that sucks.

    Well if history repeats itself, then you should get an 8.4.1 jailbreak a couple of days after the 9 point whatever release. At least you got a new phone for the cost of a screen replacement :)
  7. eyoungren thread starter macrumors Core


    Aug 31, 2011
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    Yeah, that's the one comforting fact here. The new phone seems to be nicer than the old, and if it was truly manufactured (and not refurbed) in September it's not even a month old - which gives me the benefit of profiting from Apple streamlining the build process of the 6+.

    Another takeaway is that because Apple will always give you back what you gave them (no more, no less), Sprint's original screwup in giving me a SIM free fully unlocked iPhone is still the case. This replacement activated on my test T-Mobile SIM without any issues.

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