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    Mar 31, 2004
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    Ok, here's the problem. I looked through the old threads and didn't find the answer to my problem (although one came close). I have a Vaio laptop. It's 3 years old. It runs ME. The hardware is a tank - it's been through abuse like nothing else. I'm talking dropped, kicked, stepped on, etc. Anyway, the hardware hasn't given me many issues. The OS, on the other hand, well it's ME. Anyway, I've decided to switch to a PB15. I'm planning on waiting til the next release, and buying what is the current model (plus the student discount). My roommates did that with the last release. Problem is, he didn't really know what he was doing on the PC, so the switch wasn't bad. I would call myself fairly proficient with the PC. I live off the right click. All that rambling is leading me to three questions:
    1) Is the PB as durable as my Vaio (is it going to break the first time it drops two feet)?
    2) Have they fixed the problem with the white spots that appear on the 15s (both PB using roommates have that problem)?
    3) MOST IMPORTANT: What free/extremely cheap guide is ther for me to learn shortcuts and such in switching from Win to Mac?
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    1) once you get your pb (which i hope would be a g5 :) ) you would do everything you can that it doesn't get stepped on, kicked, dropped etc. believe me. i heard stories that the pb is durable. a guy named Gump once said that **** CAN happen, so wel...

    2) i think Apple will replace the screen if it has this problem...

    3) here is a link for starters. i am sure if you search in Google enough, you will find a lot of links.


    good luck.
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    Feb 26, 2004
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    Ouch. My sympathies...I had ME on my old ThinkPad, and well, as you say: it's ME. :p

    The iBooks are the ones constructed to take abuse. Powerbooks aren't exactly fragile, but they're not rugged, abuse-loving machines, either.

    As far as I've heard, I think the white-spot problem was supposed to have been fixed in the later round of 15-inchers.

    I found that a lot of the shortcuts were just Command-whatever instead of Cntrl-whatever. Cut-Copy-Paste are just Cmd-X, Cmd-C, Cmd-V, for example. The easiest, cheapest way to learn them is the same as it is in Windows.....look at the menus and see what's listed as a shortcut next to the selections! Also try the OS X Help...I vaguely remember seeing something in there on this topic when I looked it up once.
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    Go to your local Borders/Barnes & Noble, buy a cup of coffee, and spend an afternoon reading through David Pogue's "OSX: The Missing Manual."

    I'll bet you end up buying it eventually.
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    I've heard some people talk about that book - is it really that helpful (if it is, and it stops raining, maybe i'll walk down and buy it today)

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