A Story of Love and Hate- From OG to 3G and back again

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by djfrugal1, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. djfrugal1 macrumors newbie

    Aug 22, 2008
    I purchsed a 3G Iphone 4 days ago :D. Was excited to bring it home and sync it with all of my info from my OG IPhone. I did just that and all hell broke loose:mad:. Speaker stopped working, all apps crashed, one email address out of 6 synched onto it, i did 4 restores at about an hour and a half each, half the time the Iphone froze, the other half the time was the same old crashing. After two days of this, on the phone with :apple: trying to solve a problem that they couldnt solve, I decided that my time is being wasted and to go back to my OG IPhone that worked perfectly:D.

    That is where the fun started:confused:. I went to the :apple: Store and returned my 3G Iphone. Because I had used a $100 store credit, they said they couldn't credit my card or give me cash for the rest of the price. I told them that was bogus and to get a manager. They did just that and then they figured out a way to do it, which was to put it all on a store credit card, then buy a new card with that card for 100 and give me the rest in cash. BUT he didn't give me the 17 cents change. He said he didnt have change right then. So :apple: made 17 cents off my exchanging my IPhone 3G. Strange.... :cool:

    Then they said they could not reactivate my old Iphone and I would have to go to an AT&T store. I thought, ohhh fun, I love AT&T stores....NOT :eek:. I also asked if they could erase what was on my Iphone, they said NO, its my responsibility. I told them I couldnt do anything with it, restore it, erase it, nothing, it crashed everytime. So I said F it and let some Apple employees have fun with all of my personal information... rad! :eek:

    So I go to the AT&T store today, to activate my old Iphone back on to my account. They said they can't do it and I have to go onto ITunes. I said that isnt true, I have plugged it into ITunes since then and it does nothing. They said that :apple: should of given me my SIM card back when I returned the 3G Iphone. I said, "well they didn't so whats next brother?" He said he had to charge me $25 bucks for the SIM card. I said no way, call the :apple: store and have them mail it to you then, they are your strategic partner, thats not my problem. I asked for a manager. The manager waived the charge. So while he is trying to activate it, he said :apple: Store didn't remove the 3G IPhone from my account so he can't put the sim card in and I would have to go to the :apple: Store to have them do it. I said no F'n way am I going back there, its not close. So the AT&T genius thought to call the :apple: Customer Support. After 20 more minutes he gets through and they clear my account, he puts in the SIM and then I have to go home to activate it on ITunes.

    I go home and do just that, wait 20 min because it couldnt be activated instantly, and finally after 4 days of F'n with damn IPhones, I am back to where I started, :apple: made 17 cents off my exchange, I lost all of my voicemail because I was forced to re set it up, and lost 4 days of my life because :apple: put out a product that should be in beta still.

    Before you call me a hater, I do plan on going 3G again once these bugs are worked out, I just don't have time to spend days on getting a product to work, but I do have time to write stories on Macrumors.com! hahaha
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    Jul 10, 2007
    LOL, thanks for the funny read. Well, you made some coin (literally). At least you have a fairly good attitude about it. I feel ya...there have been several times I wanted my OG iPhone back. In a way, I think you actually made out ok. By the time I was so fed up with the 3G and started wanting my old phone back, it was too late.

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