A strategy shift instead of new boxes ?


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Jan 2, 2002
Everyone is speculating about gadgets and boxes.
Maybe it'll be not be about new devices so much.
Changing their software policy or hardware architecture
strategy would have much more impact, indeed.

Maybe Apple is going to announce something
about software - like bringing OS X to the PC
(well, no real reason for that),
the OSX GUI to Linux (not for free of course) or
running the GUI and other parts on top of
Sun Solaris (instead of trying to establish
an own "big" server line which is more or
less pointless).

How about considering another processor
architecture ? (OSX should be quite portable and
Motorolla might not be competitive forever).

Just some stupid ideas,


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Apr 9, 2001

Everyone once in a while OS X for Intel or other processors comes up...

but there are too many reasons why this won't/can't happen.

1) Apple just made a major developer shift. It would be difficult to convince people to recompile everything under OS X. Arguably, it could be incentive for a larger market.... of note. Classic would be eliminated.

2) this is a big one. Apple killed the clones because they were stealing hardware sales. This would be the same thing - but magnified enormously.



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Jan 2, 2002

I agree. It is quite unlikely and unwise - maybe even
not really successful to bring OSX to Intel. It would
not be only a business strategy problem - but also
would hardly work out technically, given all the required
hardware and software vendor support.

But I still think Apple has to do something about
the professional server market. I'm not talking about
workgroup-, but enterprise servers.

Apple is doing great on the desktop & portable
segments. Sun, for example, is great in the server
market (now, as the Unix desktop workstation market
isn't a focus anymore).

They (and all other Unix vendors out there still)
badly failed trying to bring Unix or other stuff
(like network computers) to the desktop,
while Apple seems to have managed it quite well.
Not even Linux is likely to get a significant share on
the desktop as it looks today (for many reasons).

In the past (as I remember) a takeover of Apple by Sun
was discussed but never happened for good of course.
Sun just always wanted something cool on the

Now, of course, the world looks a bit different and it
appears to me that some alliance with Sun - such
as merging the GUI and ease of use of OSX with
the power of Sun servers would give both companies
a good chance to compete with MS/Intel.

I am not saying this is very likely, though,

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