A&TT unlocked my verizon iPhone 4S?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aziatiklover, Sep 16, 2012.

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    So I got my att iPhone 4S warranty/swapped at an Apple store. However, somehow they gave me an iPhone 4S under verizon!

    Then I took it with me overseas and thinking it is under att. I emailed them couple days ago to get it unlocked. Got a reply back that it is now unlocked.

    But now when I tried to activate it with a local sim it tells me that this is a CDMA verizon version, and I will need a roaming data for that! :eek:

    My question is how att replied me that my 4S is unlocked when the iphone is on verizon network? I just saw that my imei start with a 99 instead of a normal 11 gsm iphone.

    Ps: when I check the unlock status over those online imei checker first website tells me unknow unlock status, second site tells me locked, and the third one tells me unlocked :eek::rolleyes::mad:
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    Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes, and bring it back to Apple. They will take care of it. They keep very good records, and will see that the phone you had replaced was originally an AT&T model.

    Good luck

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