A7 and the future of iOS gaming

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Zerilos, Sep 10, 2013.

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    As most of us probably know, Apple is hoping to become the dominate force in the gaming world (if they already aren't). To this end, iOS 7 was designed to be compatible with Bluetooth enabled gaming controllers (several of which should be released in the near future). This by itself should go a long way toward making iOS 7 compatible devices the preferred gaming system for many users; however I believe that the A7 chip may even do more towards that goal.

    If Apple's claims are accurate, and the A7 more than doubles the A6 in terms of processing and GPU power (making it the most powerful SoC presently on the market), then the dream of console quality graphics is really not that far off (Gen 7 not the upcoming Generation 8). Given the high level of quality we've seen from recent iOS games (Deus Ex and X-Com: Enemy Unknown), I'm pretty excited to see what the future holds. Particularly when I buy the iPad 5 in a month or two which will be rocking the A7x.
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    Apple needs to come out with a controller that has system wide support for all iOS games STAT! And I'm not just talking about giving controller API's for manufacturers since that doesn't ensure the games will support them. For example look at the iCade, only works on a handful of games that the developers have elected to add support to their game for.

    A glass screen without any tactile feel will keep them from ever moving into the true gaming market (beyond kiddy stuff like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, etc) no matter how good the processor is.
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    The game controllers you discussed are already in the works. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/...ed-by-apple-partnering-with-logitech-and-moga

    Couldn't disagree more about the tactile surface. It hasn't been a detriment to iOS games sales yet (and there are more true gaming opportunities on iOS than Android), and if you're using a controller it won't even matter.
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    i saw the infinity blade demo on the iphone 5s and gameplay looks like a movie :eek:

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